Fall of the Roman Empire and why it matters


In ancient times, the Roman Empire was a dominant force in the Mediterranean region, known for its advancements in architecture, engineering, and governance.

However, one lesser-known aspect of the Roman Empire was the detrimental effects of lead poisoning.

Lead was commonly used in Roman society, from water pipes to cookware, leading to widespread exposure among the population.

The effects of lead poisoning were severe, causing symptoms such as abdominal pain, neurological disorders, and even death.

Despite its detrimental effects, lead continued to be used in various forms throughout the Roman Empire,

In fact, lead was considered a sign of wealth and power, the higher you reached the more lead you used on a daily basis, contributing to the decline of health and potentially impacting the downfall of the empire.

The same may well be true with the advent of electricity, while no one would want to live without the creature comforts that come through the use of electricity, we believe that the side effects of E.M.F’s, or elecrosmog as it is more commonly called now, may just as damaging.