Dedicated to helping you get your mind right to create your dream life.

The truth is that the single greatest obstacle in creating the life of your dreams is your mind.

I didn’t learn that I could, let alone MUST train my mind.

As I heard a man say, ” I have no control over what my mind tells me, I only have control over what that I give energy too.”

As I heard him say that I imeadiately thought “Oh my God, what a tough way to live your life.

In my late 20’s I began to realize that my biggest challenge was my mind and became determined to discover how to solve this problem.

I went to workshops, seminars, therapy, I even became a Clinical Hypnotherapist thinking that I could Hypnotize myself to calm my mind.

Then I discovered the subtle energy work that changed my entire world and it will for you as well.

But we don’t stop at just selling you Whispers.

If all you do is buy Whispers you WILL benefit but your personal journey would still be a more difficult journey than it needs to be.

We will be here for you in whatever way you determine we can help you.

We have blogs, video’s, Whisper Training Classes, Whisper Facebook page, weekly mindwhispering emails  and free Weekly zoom calls to help you in any way we can.

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