Roman link

You may be asking yourself how in the world is there a connection between the Roman Empire and Electro Smog, I understand.

There have been studies relating to the fall of the roman empire and Lead.

Back then lead was used in nearly everything from sewer pipes, water pipes to dishes and glasses.

Lead was also seen as a sign of wealth and power, so the higher up in Roman society one achieved, the more lead they possessed.

They did not understand the serious health issues caused by lead exposure so as time went by they began experiencing Physical, Emotional, and Mental issues.

Lead consumption was so prevelant in those days that they actually made wine with lead acetate, also called the sugar of lead.

Health issues common between Lead and Electro Smog

  1. Confusion
  2. Fatique
  3. Mood Swings
  4. Physical, Emotional and Mental Health Issues

Electrosmog, or Electromagnetic Fields (E.M.F’s) is an energy that showers out from electricity. 

While we think of High Tension Wire’s when it comes to Electrosmog, the truth is that anything and everything that operates from electricity also showers out the same Electrosmog.

It has been estimated that we currently live with more than 300 million times more radiation than our ancestors took in from natural sources such as the sun and moon.

Just like lead, there is much debate as to whether there is potential risk to Electrosmog.

Many like us believe there is.

A Modern Solution To A Modern Problem: Electrosmog

Whisper Energy Filters

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Whispers are products that convert the Chaotic nature of Electrosmog that causes our energy to become distorted into a positive spin smooth energy that the body can easily obsorb